Cody Simpson #UnoAnytime Vip Experience

#Unoanytime #CodySimpson signed wildcard

#UnoAnytime is a fun hashtag that is following Cody Simpson around the world.  I had the fantastic opportunity to take my daughter to an #UnoAnytime VIP experience with Cody Simpson & play #Uno with him backstage. We met the winners in front of the Metropolis. They were anxious and excited but looking forward to a […]

A Rainy Day at the International Hot Air Balloon Festival


We took our kids to the International Hot Air Balloon Festival in St Jean Sur Richeliue. It was a rainy day and we weren’t sure if the balloons would fly, but as usual I remained positive. It wasn’t raining when we arrived so we had time to walk around. There is so much to do, […]

How you can help save Mai Duong

Home for the weekend!

Photo credit & permission Help Save Mai This blog post is to help raise awareness and possibly find a Vietnamese stem cell  donor for Mai Duong.  A local Montreal Vietnamese woman. Mai was first diagnosed with acute leukemia in January 2013.    She went into remission in July 2013.  In May of this year she […]

Shaking off the dust

It’s been over 5 months since my last blog post. I’ve been going though a lot with my back injury. I feel as though I am waking from a long forced sleep. Many times I intended to write, but couldn’t. Many times I’ve wanted to share but the words would not come. They are flowing […]

Positive Icing on the Blissdom Canada Cake

Blissdom Canada dessert

Have you ever heard the idiom icing on the cake? It means when you already have it good and get something on top of what you already have. Add positive to the icing and what you get is stellar.  I experienced this at Blissdom Canada and then some. Imagine yourself sitting in a room with […]

Clean Eating Black Bean Hummus

In my pantry I have all kinds of dried beans.  I don’t eat any canned food anymore since I began clean eating last November.  I try as hard as I can to make everything from scratch.  Beans are so easy to cook, you can use them in so many recipes.  And they are really good […]